OTT Monetization Models

Control Content and Provision

Get access to charge your users for specific content viewership and demand a return in change. Work on providing the best content and make sure the demand doesn’t decrease.

Easy to Set Up Monetization Methods

Process the entire line-up through secured payment portals and decrease the chances of a mishap. Use Vodlix’s facility to full content and find an easy way to get your desired returns.

Enhancement in Delivering Mediums

Increase your platform’s credibility by providing quick methods. Vodlix’s Monetization methods allow you to expand the scope of your business and deploy several streaming modes such as mobile, TVs, PCs, and so on.


Choose from a multiple options to generate revenue. Include the best
method for your strategies and get your safe returns.
Demand a pricing figure based on your key factors. Vodlix allows you to
carry forward with the most fitting monetization methods.

Content Offered

Specify the content provision offered on your platform. Choose different methods depending on the services available.

Target Audience

Create your audience wisely. Charge secured subscription models to regular users and separate ones for a one-time service.

Platform’s business strategy

Optimize methods that work the best on the platform. Create a strategy and target your market effectively.


Adopt your preferred method of monetization through Vodlix’s provided
services. Generalize or specify your audience and operate the models
which fit perfectly for your platform.


Generate revenue based on advertisements. Make your content exclusively free and charge through advertisements. Differ through the content provision and double your return. Use the different ad networks and earn the profit. As a platform owner, utilize several video ad formats and target your audience through segmentation.

Use methods of Advertising through banners and pop-up ads

Play video ads at Markers

Easy distribution of revenue by placing quality ads


Provide individual content with TVOD. Charge your users over per video streaming content rather than the entire package. Increase the chances of your platform’s profitability.

Create a niche for your market. Completely segment your market based on their preference and optimize your platform’s content in accordance.

Increase profitability over single content

Allows you to directly market the content

Greater income is generated over every single buy


Propose SVOD as your platform’s basic monetization method. Give your viewers a choice to choose from. Launch annual and monthly subscription methods. Charge by regulating three subscription packages, just like Netflix. Build a recurring revenue with Vodlix’s monetization methods as an OTT platform.

Develop a high retention rate of customer viewership with SVOD. Make your platform’s profitability and popularity the new word

Recurring Charging Models

Diversified Revenues

High Retention And Revenue


Combine two or more models and increase the chances of revenue. Develop a user-friendly approach and tap your potential viewership market accordingly. Adopt a long-lasting and lucrative method and create a trustworthy customer base.

Lucrative revenue Generated

Advertise and Adopt monthly Subscription

A safe and Two Way Method

Frequently asked questions

What is OTT Monetization Model?
OTT Monetization Model is a way of earning revenue through online video content by charging the users for specific content viewership
What is the best monetization method for my platform?
The best monetization method for your platform depends on your target audience, content offered, and your platform's business strategy.
What is the advertisement-supported monetization model (AVOD)?
AVOD is the advertisement-supported monetization model where revenue is generated through advertisements placed on the platform.
How can I generate revenue through TVOD?
You can generate revenue through TVOD by providing individual content and charging users for per video streaming content instead of the entire package.
What is Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD)?
Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) is a monetization model where users pay a recurring fee for access to a platform's content
What is the Hybrid Model?
Hybrid Model is a combination of two or more monetization methods to increase the chances of revenue generation.