Payment gateway integrations

Integrated with Payment Gateways from across the Globe Allow your subscribers to choose how they wish to pay for their subscriptions. Because there are so many options, different viewers may choose to deliver using their favorite payment method. Enable a secure payment gateway to improve client interaction and usage.

Multiple integrated methods

Choose from a variety of payment gateway options to collect money from your viewers. To make access easier, use global models like Stripe, Paypal, FirstData, and plenty of others. Vodlix offers by default configuration of Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.Net, Rapid, CCBill, and iPay88. Allow your consumers to choose from a variety of alternatives, increasing the likelihood of a positive customer experience and a simple payment portal.

Requested Payment Gateways

Decide to request your gateways at Vodlix. Choose several locations and their different integrated payment models like credit cards or transactions
through mobile phones.

Secure Revenue Earnings

Enjoy your revenues without any interruptions. Select preferred payment methods via credit, debit, or phone portals and earn your expected returns.

Custom Payment Integration

Making a request to integrate your own payment gateway is easy. Vodlix can integrate all payment methods be it credit card payment, mobile enabled payment gateways like M-Pesa or IdeaBiz or even bitcoins. The only requirement is to have tech support and valid documents.

Vodlix offers you to choose a payment gateway as per your convenience or preference within a very few hours. It can be integrated on the Vodlix page or on a hosted page from the gateway’s domain and you are ready to go live!

Protected gateways for Payments

Set payment gateways according to the geographical regions to ease the access for customers. Select the running portals and accumulate your revenue without any due inconveniences.

Track and analyze your payments

Vodlix’s efficient system allows you to track payments and the types of payments you’ll receive over time. Keep a record of transactions through customized dashboards.

Automatic billing Procedures

Keep a tab on your customers and the pricing details thoroughly. Vodlix enables a secured automatic system of sending subscription packages and payment details just as the viewer logins. Stay hassle-free and collect your returns with a smooth process.

Recurring Payments

Payments are automatically billed and sent to the customers for the next
service they want to avail. Stay informed and updated about your expected
returns and how to receive them.

Discounts or Coupons

Vodlix’s built-in Coupon Code Engine has made it super simple to generate one coupon or many of them at a time within a very few minutes. Its interface is user-friendly and does not include complicated coding. Vodlix allows its platform owners to launch techniques to entice interest and multiply their revenues.

Reward & Appraisal

Provide your viewers with something extra. Design promotional & discount offers that keep your viewers glued to your platform striving for more. You can offer both cash as well as % discount for purchases done on your platform.

Frequently asked questions

What payment gateway options are available in Vodlix?
Vodlix offers multiple integrated payment gateway options including Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.Net, Rapid, CCBill, iPay88, and segpay.
Can I request a custom payment gateway integration in Vodlix?
Yes, Vodlix allows custom payment gateway integration as long as you have tech support and valid documents.
Is my revenue earnings protected in Vodlix?
Yes, Vodlix ensures secure revenue earnings with the option to choose preferred payment methods such as credit, debit, or phone portals.
Can I track my payments in Vodlix?
Yes, Vodlix offers an efficient system to track payments and transactions through customized dashboards.
Does Vodlix have automatic billing procedures?
Yes, Vodlix has a secured automatic system for sending subscription packages and payment details as soon as the viewer logs in.
Does Vodlix offer recurring payments?
Yes, payments are automatically billed and sent to the customers for the next service they want to avail.
Does Vodlix have a built-in coupon code engine?
Yes, Vodlix has a built-in coupon code engine that is user-friendly and allows you to generate one or many coupons within a few minutes
Can I provide rewards and appraisals to my viewers in Vodlix?
Yes, Vodlix allows you to provide rewards and appraisals to your viewers through promotional and discount offers such as cash or percentage discounts.